Dog grooming at Gorgeous Pets is always a happy relaxing soothing experience for your dog.  They will love coming back.

Our friendly, gentle staff are here to provide you with all the professional guidance needed to have a healthy and well groomed dog.  

So that a professional standard is always achieved we do not use cages. The benefit from a cage free environment is a stress-free,  anxiety-free happily groomed dog. 

Our groomers are confident and highly experienced who love the art of dog grooming. They are specialist in hand scissor cuts.

Breed clips are always encouraged if the owner's lifestyle allows for this however the up-keep is important in between visits. We sell an extensive range of dog grooming products and brushes to help you maintain that distinctive look between visits.


Each time your dog relaxes in our grooming salon we take the time to comprehensively go over your dog’s entire body as if it was their first time with us.

Our grooming assessment includes

  • condition of the skin
  • wax, hair and dirt build of the ears
  • if the eyes are clear not red and tender and free from abnormal discharge
  • in between each fold depending on the breed
  • the pads of the feet and in between each toe for hair and debris
  • length of the nails and splits in nails
  • we check for fleas, also flea dirt and ticks
  • if the anal glands need to be emptied
  • condition of the teeth and gums
  • sanitary areas are checked
  • temperament of your dog
  • most importantly the desired look for the breed and for you as the owner


All Grooming includes FREE pick-up  and drop home Monday to Friday.  Eastern Suburbs addresses only and sorry no pick-up for puppies.

Please book at least 24hrs before pick up and drop off.


We truly believe in a calm flow of energy. We encourage your dogs to sit on our laps and be hand blown dry, massaged, brushed and be played with after their bath. Puppies particularly like this attention. Because we do this, we ask you to allow us plenty of time to groom your dog.

Grooming dogs GET to play in our Day Care - FREE OF CHARGE - until they are picked up



Please note: Matted dogs will be clipped short and incur and extra fee


Payment must be made on collection of your dog.  In most cases the prices above will apply but they are estimates based on an average dog of that size.  

The price for large breeds or heavily matted hair will vary and needs to be quoted individually.  A price will be quoted before grooming commences.  This allows us to examine your dog,  the condition of its coat and to discuss the level of grooming you require.

A dog grooming contract must be signed before your dog is accepted for grooming. We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself, other dogs in the day care or staff.  Any dog accepted for grooming must satisfy the day care requirements.  In particular, the dog must be up-to-date with vaccinations and be desexed if older than 7 months.


Bath & Tidy


  • Trim around eyes and mouth
  • Even up the ears
  • Trim the tail
  • Shave bum for hygiene
  • Nails checked and clipped
  • Empty anal glands (goodness)
  • Shampoo and Condition
  • Towel and blow dry

At Gorgeous Pets we only use the shampoo to match your dog’s skin type. Our range includes medicated shampoo, blended soothing soap free cleansing gels, relieves inflamed and itchy skin, wild mint fragrance shampoo, organic shampoo, non-toxic mild flea shampoo and oatmeal shampoo.


Bath, Tidy & Clip


  • All the bath & tidy treatments
  • All-over scissor or clipper trim
  • Style can be owner's choice or breed clip

We totally understand how busy your life might be therefore we are more than happy to work out a grooming regime that’s suits. We sell an extensive range of dog grooming brushes to help you groom your dog.



Conditions under which dogs are accepted for grooming

  • The dog is fit and healthy.  Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at the owner's risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that we cannot be held liable for.

  • The dog is vaccinated up-to-date. An unvaccinated dog puts its and others at risk. 

  • It must be clearly understood and agreed that whilst every care and attention is given to your dog)s) they are accepted at the owner's risk. Our first concern is for the welfare of your dog so in the event of injury or illness a Vet may be called in and unless it can be clearly shown that we are liable, all costs in the connection and in the carrying out of the Vet's instruction shall be at the owner's expense. We recommend Dog Insurance. 


  • Payment will be made on collection of your dog.  Estimates are based on an average dog of the breed or type but owners must remember that some dogs will require extensive extra work and that this will be charged on an hourly basis. Owners must collect dogs at time stated. Uncollected dogs will be charged a boarding fee. 

  • Shaving of dogs will dramatically change their appearance. The hair will be very short and close to the skin.  This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. Your written permission will be required to shave off a dematted coat.

  • Under no circumstances do we accept sedated dogs. 

  • These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or staff